Utility BillPay Kiosk

a better way to handle bill payments

Utilities today need a better way to handle bill payments.

With 25% of the population unbanked or underbanked, there are 65 million Americans who need a secure, simple way to pay their bills by cash.

Normally, bill payments involve customer service personnel interacting directly with consumers, but this comes with issues, including liability concerns around cash handling and readability questions when dealing with credit and debit payments. Furthermore, having customer service representatives perform these simple, repetitive transactions is not a cost-effective use of employee time.

Self-service kiosks represent a secure, easy and more efficient way to accept payments, providing the answer to these challenges. Utilities can set the kiosks up anywhere and make them available 24/7, removing the need for drop boxes and drive through windows. Bill payment kiosks represent a more efficient way to accept payment from all consumers, including underbanked individuals.

DynaTouch is proud to now offer BillPay Kiosk™, designed and developed with a background of over 35 years of experience in the kiosk space.  As part of the Harris Utility Group, DynaTouch is uniquely positioned to deliver BillPay Kiosk as part of any comprehensive Harris solution.


When looking to add self-service elements to the bill payment process, utilities should make sure the solutions installed are up to their end users’ standards and expectations. The following are the key features of a BillPay Kiosk from DynaTouch solutions:

Multiple Hardware Options for Different Settings
(indoor, drive-through, outdoor)

Support for Payment
Cards (debit and credit),
Cash and Checks

Direct Integration with
Customer Information

Secure and PCI Compliant


Utilities gain numerous benefits from implementing a BillPay Kiosk:

• Fast, reliable revenue collection from consumers, whether payments are made with cash, check, debit or credit
• Improved staff productivity and/or reduced overhead to fewer repetitive, low-complexity transactions
• Increased customer satisfaction due to the quick and efficient bill payment process
• Consistent, detailed data collection and reporting
• Advanced security features for PCI compliant transactions
• Decreased liability and shrinkage as customer service representatives are no longer required to handle credit cards and cash


When dealing with the utility company is easy and convenient for customers, their satisfaction will increase and they’ll pay consistently and on time:

• Quicker service for simple bill payment transactions, with flexible payment options
• Peace of mind when transactions post immediately to the CIS—for example, making a last-minute bill payment
• Increased office hours—kiosks can be made available when no staff members are on duty
• True self-service performance with intuitive interfaces and support for multiple languages

Implementing a secure, self-service kiosk from DynaTouch to digitize the bill payment process is a sensible reaction to utility needs and consumer demands.

With increasing pressure to improve profitability, decrease liability and get greater productivity from their workers, utilities today need to make concrete process improvements.

DynaTouch has entered the bill payment field to deliver the same kind of positive upgrades that have already improved queuing, customer flow management, directories and wayfinding, training, surveys, secure internet/intranet access and more. From the military to health care and government, these kiosks have become secure and reliable parts of operations in a number of heavily regulated sectors.

Every deployment is unique —

Based on your internal priorities and unique consumer needs, you will receive a kiosk solution that fits perfectly into your utility’s environment. Reach out today to learn how to achieve greater productivity with a BillPay Kiosk from DynaTouch.